Monday, 6 October 2014

The Great Big Gender Reveal

So, as I mentioned a few weeks’ back, we have a new addition to Noah’s friend group, arriving with much excitement, this December. Our friends, after a few wobbles (like we did) have decided to keep the sex of their baby a surprise. Prompting me to think about baby number two, and whether we would find out or not. Being an (obsessive) planner/organiser at heart, I was desperate to know what I was expecting with baby number one, but my husband was adamant that it be a surprise and as it was so important to him, I went along with it. But for baby number two, I wonder if it would be different. My whole world would literally explode into a festival of pink if I was to have a girl and surely I would NEED time to plan that!

Although, I must admit, in those first moments of meeting Noah, it didn’t even cross my mind whether he was a boy or girl. He was just beautiful, healthy and I was in love. And it was sweet to be the one to find out that the little bundle of newborn cuteness was a boy. Husband was obviously thrilled with his son and heir.

However, there is no right or wrong, it is just personal preference. I thought I would ask around, what did you do, and what led you to the decision? For second time around, would you find out?

And of course, if you just can’t wait, but still want a bit of fanfare and a surprise - there is always the option of a gender reveal party. What is it? Basically, when you go for your 20 week scan the midwife writes the gender of your baby down and pops it into a sealed envelope. You give the envelope to a bakery, or a friend who can keep a secret, and they bake a cake, plain on the outside and either pink or blue on the inside. Throw a shindig – cut the cake and whoopla – gender revealed!!

Anyway, let me know what you did and if you would have done it any other way..


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